Girls’ clothing

Among our products devoted to girls you can find for example: satin dresses (white, ecru or pink), fleece sets with embroideries and appliqués, velour sets with embroideries and appliqués, coats, cloaks, and hats. Each girls’ set includes a hat.

Below you may find chosen sets from our collection of occasional girls’ clothing. In order to see all products, please contact our sales representative.

Size chart
Height Chest perimeter Waist perimeter Hip perimeter
56 42 45 46
62 44 47 48
68 46 49 50
74 48 51 52
80 50 53 54
86 52 55 56


Depending on a season we offer clothes made of thin or warm fabrics.
Fabrics we use in the course of production: satin, corduroy, fleece, velour, cotton with linen.

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